LaFemmeGeek will work with you to make the process of designing your web site as simple and easy as possible without you having to be knowledgeable about every aspect of creating a web presence.

The list on the right will give you an idea of what the process will be as we work together to create your website.


  • Decide what your Domain Name will be.   ( (Note: many domain names are already taken. It is suggested that you decide on at least 3 possible names.) LaFemmeGeek will determine the availability of the names you have chosen and get your name registered for you before its too late. Even if you are not ready to put up a website yet, you should get your domain name NOW. If you would like to purchase a domain name you can do so without the need of a website. One of the most popular and lowest priced providers on the web is I highly recommend them for domain names, but their web hosting services are not equal to (See my page on Web Hosting)

  • Gather all content to be displayed on your website including logo, photos, text, etc.

  • Decide on color scheme and layout.

  • LaFemmeGeek Designs your website.

  • Find a reputable website host and set up hosting for your site. LaFemmeGeek can help you choose a webhost or provide hosting services for you. See our website hosting pages for more information.

  • Your website is uploaded to the host server.

  • Your registered domain name is pointed to the host server.

  • View your site for errors and make necessary changes.

  • Promote your website on search engines and directories.